How Crowdfundfast Works


Statistics show that traditional Crowdfunding that is dependent on receiving donations doesn’t work for 80% of the people.


The Solution for Successful Fundraising

Funding Projects Through Penny Auction & eCommerce Sales…

NOT JUST Donations


We Have Taken One of The Most Lucrative Money Maker Platforms Online –

and Opened it to You!

To Be A Retailer on our Penny Auction


Your project is linked to the Penny Auction & e-Commerce Store

generating funding for your project through:

check_mark_green_400_clr_3296Product sales

check_mark_green_400_clr_3296Coded Bonuses

check_mark_green_400_clr_3296Daily Funding Pool

check_mark_green_400_clr_3296Reward Points




All you have to do is:
1. Decide how much funding your project needs.
2. Create your project.
3. Start Selling Product on our Penny Auction Website.

Here is How It Works!

As an affiliate:

We have four (4) locations that you will want to register an account with USING the SAME EMAIL address at all four (4)  locations.

  2. (This link is listed as an example, please do not use this link as it does not exist)

 When someone shares CFF with you, they will give you a referral link to place you in their family funding tree.


The reason that we do this is so when products are purchased at our retail store we can take our profits and fund projects that are closest to you.

We fund 3 projects every time a canvas purchase is made in our retail store.

If you are connected to a family funding tree we fund the 3 closest projects to you.

The 1st project we fund is the project of the person that shared CFF with you.

The 2nd project we fund is directly above the person that referred you.

The 3rd project we fund is the project directly above that one.





Step 1. Purchase Products at our store

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 6.46.32 PM








Step 2.  If you want to create a project and sell products on our auction and receive funding through product sales, register as an associate using the referral link of the person that shared Crowdfundfast with you.

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 6.44.02 PM








Step 3.  Create an order.  When you make a purchase at our CFF Brand Store we give you product credits to sell on our QkaBid Penny Auction. We also give you bids too, so you can experience the auction and have fun while you get funded.  Log into your associate account and you will see your dashboard.

Click the very top box that says CREATE CFF AUCTION ORDER     Pick the Order that matches by Clicking on the Program Link

Create CFF Auction Order

Auction Sales Order





















Funding Payment Options

Every project is different.  We enable you to make the funding choice that is right for you and your goals.  Take advantage of unique and very effective crowdfunding tools put in place specifically for your success.

Choose your funding amount for any project you want or join our community of dedicated funding guru’s and get your project and others funded through the support of an incredible team of people dedicated to your success as well as their own.  Crowdfundfast makes funding your dreams – a dream come true!

If you can dream it, you can fund it.

We have 4 platforms to assist you in your funding goals.  

These platforms are designed to help you make your project campaign a success – Your Success Is Our Goal!

We help at every step from concept to market.

Project by project, we’re changing the way new ideas come to life.

We are creating jobs and helping you create your own secure future by helping you make your dreams come true

Fire It Up and Launch Your Project TODAY!

We help you build up your audience with our unique and patent pending crowdfunding platform, job creating machine & creative marketing that will help you get your project funded quickly through communities of people dedicated to your success.

Need Some Time to Construct Your Project…

Simply create a title and just a tad bit of information and leave a coming soon sign so you can begin to build awareness about your project even before you fire it up for official launch, you can even begin to accept donations, as long as you continue to work diligently on your campaign.  If you get stuck, send us an email, we’ll do everything we can to help you get your campaign off the ground and be the success that you want it to be.

Dream it. Fund it. Make it. Ship it.

Not sure what your project will be?  Here are some ideas for you…

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